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  1. Expression is an innate human trait even for the early cavemen and cavewomen. A time without ticking clocks to wind, or divided calendars delegating tasks to-do; life had to be measured by the skies and the changing seasons. The primitive technology yearned for ways to communicate adventures, language, inventive tools, math, love and all these things. Many things throughout the Prehistoric Art reveal clues to the cultures of the primitive Paleolithic period. Amazingly, archeologist discover a Paleolithic Hand-axe from Isimila Korongo, Tanzania dating 60,000 years ago. This tool may have been used in farming, hunting, defending, cutting, and possibly even carved-style writing. It is in that moment of creative innovation man searches to make a thought into reality. These innovations are vital to ways of progressing from cavemen to Neanderthals which date 38,000 and 33,000 BCE. Symbolic, organized, and formed networks mark the progression of mans still primitive survival. In the Stockstad Cothren volume 1 edition of Art History page 6 reveals a sculpture figure called the, The Lion-Human. The Archeologist dates the 12in Ivory carving at 40,000-35,000 BCE, located in Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany. The stout figure replicates a model that immolates the bears stance fully erect, standing tall. The arms are bellowed by the side and head straight away. The personal assumption speculates this was to be used in many ways to share with tribe, “The bear stands tall”; so that whether in religious ceremonies, or sharing an expression of respected courage.

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